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The birth of IGPNG

The IGPNG - Institute of Geoscientists in Papua New Guinea - was formed not only out of the necessity to have such an organisation in the country, as is common elsewhere, but also due to the fact that the geoscience profession in PNG is unique coupled with the unique geological settings we have. PNG's economy is mostly (75%) suppported  by the mining  & petroleum industry, and  PNG geoscientitists have been at the forefront of driving this country forward. We will continue to drive this country forward through a collaborated organisation such as IGPNG in sharing knowledge, investing in research and mobilising PNG geoscientists to be on par with other global organisations. Moving forward, ordinary PNG geoscientists saw the need to establish an umbrella organisation to protect and promote geoscientists in this country, thus IGPNG.

Proposed functions of IGPNG

IGPNG has been established to organise and mobilise every geoscientist in PNG, whether working in the industries, free-lancing, teaching & educating, learning to be one, researching, consulting or retired from active duties. This is a plate-form we have created to promote the profession and better utilise the resources we have and stand out amongst other geoscientists around the world. This is also an opportunity for PNG geoscientists living around the world to take part and actively contribute ideas, resources, knowledge and plan a way forward on how best we can contribute to developing ourselves and our country in terms of geosciences. This is the start of a formidable organisation in which our work would be regulated in the near future, and this organisation will issue practising certificates on who works in this country and who doesn't. Through IGPNG, every geoscientist would be protected not only against work discrimination, but also salary disparities and similar perks & privileges enjoyed by others.    

Grades of membership and where you fit in

Becoming a member to the institute is easy. Click the "Membership" tab above, download the application form, and follow the instructions in lodging your application. There are six (6) membership categories. You fill in the details and mention the category you are applying for. The "Board Members" of IGPNG will meet and review your application. You will be duly informed, in writing, of your application as soon as the board comes up with a decision. We want to keep this application process as simple as possible. We will inform you if your membership application is not in the right category, or if you are more qualified for a higher membership grade. Whatever membership category you fit in, the most important thing is, you get to have a certificate of recognition as a geoscientist to perform or operate as one in Papua New Guinea. Membership is open to all, including those from other countries working in PNG. And in time, such membership would be regulated with relevant laws passed in parliament to protect PNG geoscientists.   


Calling for Membership!

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A collaboration of Papua New Guinea Geoscientists - maintaining a high standard of professional conduct in the geosciences profession, practice & research


"Imagine that foreign development is not done to our standards and a spill occurs. Neither geology nor ocean currents will respect our national boundaries". Lisa Murkowski 

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