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Welcome to IGPNG Website

You will notice that the IGPNG site is still under construction. Many of the information will have to be updated, re-edited, etc. We want to bring to you a professional-looking website that can attract visitors and geoscientists alike.

This website is meant for you to share knowledge, ideas, issues, development agendas, and basically an avenue to socialise using our BLOG page (under "More" tab, create your profile and post). Please feel free to post toksaves (RokSaves), pictures, videos, music etc., that you feel is good and fun.

Also, you will need to create a profile for yourself to start posting in the Blog page. Most importantly, please click on the MEMBERSHIP tab here and register yourself if you wish to be a member of IGPNG. Plans are underway to introduce policies in parliament to protect geoscience practice and every geoscientist operating or living in PNG has to be a member of this institution.

Otherwise, enjoy IGPNG website.

Bamahuta! :)

Sirinumu Dam Bathymetric Survey using 100MHz GPR (radar)

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